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We’ll work closely with you to create a holistic social media strategy. Either from the ground up, or building on what you have. We even work well with in-house marketing teams! Here are some of the services we cover:

Brand Management – Ensuring every aspect of your brand across all social media channels is crazy important to us. We’ll get everything buttoned up – and keep it that way.

Influencer Collaborations – Whether they’re micro influencers, or Internet sensations, we have the connections & reputation that lets us connect you with influencers in your industry. We’ll develop the partnerships and negotiate the collaborations.

Brand Arbitrage – Is someone else out there running around with a social handle you should own? Or did they register the account and never use it? We’ll get crafty and creative to figure out how to take possession of handles that matter to your brand.

Content Creation – Whether we’re repurposing content your marketing folks already created, or producing custom photoshoots, videos or graphic design… content is our middle name.

Ratings Management – We work with your internal processes to develop systematic approaches to getting 5-star ratings, drowning out the 1’s, 2’s and 3’s. Get a bad review? We’ll hop on it to try and get it removed or upgraded.

Social Voice – How you “sound” on social media is what defines you. We’ll help develop a humanized brand that people become emotionally attached to – and know is always authentic.

Promotions – Contests on social media are all the rage. We’ll figure out what promotions make sense with your business/product/service – and leverage those assets into engagement, likes, followers – and sales!

Community Engagement – Our team of REAL PEOPLE will actually engage with your community around the clock! Whether we’re simply responding to comments on your post, or pro-actively going out to other social media properties to draw in new fans – the world will never associate “auto-reply” with your brand.

Social Media Monitoring – We keep a close eye on all the conversations surrounding your brand across all major social media channels. If we see something you should know, you’ll know immediately. If we see an opportunity to just say “Thanks!” to a client rave… we’ll do that too!

Paid Social Ads – Social media advertising is cheap (for now), and wildly effective. Our team will develop, test, and deploy paid ad campaigns that tie directly into your sales analytics so we can easily track ROI and improve conversion ratios.

Crisis Management – 9 times out of 10, a PR crisis starts on the web. Similarly, it’s resolved on the web. Our team is expert in the prevention and handling of PR nightmares that would keep most people up at night.

Social PR – Our close relationships with major news outlets, media organizations, and influencers gives us the ability to help you make news. There’s no media like real media!

Cross Channel Promotion – By retooling the message and format, we’ll make sure each post, promotion, and message is broadcasted to all of your followers on all of the platforms we manage.

Reporting & Analytics – We believe in ROI more than Steve Jobs believed in great design. We’ll provide you with stats and reports each month that show our progress and success. Oh, and if it’s not working out, we’ll show you that too. #HonestAbe


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