Because every solution is unique, we’ve built a vertically integrated lab where you can become… anything.

Big Engagements,
Or Small Commitments

You’re welcome to marry us, but you don’t have to.


We’re built to support the quick fix, or specific project – and budgets of all sizes. In fact, we love working with clients when they’re small, fragile and don’t have money to waste (btw – if that’s you, check out BK Labs!). But, most of our clients either grow quickly, or come to us as established businesses who retain us for long term, full-service engagements. In every case – our capabilities were designed to ensure you become known, become wildly profitable – and become anything you dare to dream.


Consumers are getting pounded, slammed, borderline harassed with messaging from every angle. Become Known engineers revenue growth through a digital-dominant, but not digital-only strategy that simply out-wits the noise. Find out how Become Known’s vertically integrated capabilities deliver the greatest ROI on your marketing dollars. 

The 6 Big Buckets

Intel & Strategy
We are passionate about intersecting the digital world with the physical world and we make it our mission to humanize our audiences. To do this, we invest in proprietary research, cross-channel data collection and analytics tools that lead to informed strategy.

  1. Research and Data – We have access to over $500,000 in annual subscriptions to first and third-party data and insights, allowing for data-driven decision making. NSA would be proud. 

  3. Customer Journey Mapping – We’ll profile your customer & stakeholder personas, outline touchpoints – then blast the heck outta obstacles to make the process efficient and intuitive.

  5. Strategic Planning – We help you create a systematic, accountable and achievable blueprint that connects your organizational goals with the right plan of action. Measure twice, cut once.

  7. Brand Strategy – Your brand is the basis of your business. In fact, is your business. We’ll help you write that story, define your positioning – then follow it up with a plan that ensures you become known.

  9. Measurement and Analytics – We aren’t doing our job if we aren’t keeping you on top of your number vital statistics, measuring progress and tracking KPI’s along the way. Luckily, we have a lot of magical software to make this happen:

Brand Development
We build brands by understanding your audiences’ instincts & needs – and converging it with what you’re selling. Every industry has stories to tell. We help brands bring these stories to life through unique platforms and industry-leading ides. We leverage insight and experience to create solutions that drive measurable business outcomes.


  1. Brand Positioning – We’ll make sure you Dominate. Plain and simple.

  3. Visual Identity & Design – We are design-thinkers. We realize powerful imagery converts leads, drives brand loyalty – and creates an intangible feeling of adoration for your brand.

  5. Advertising Campaigns – We’ll help design cohesive, omni-channel campaigns that not only touch your audience at high frequency, but also high IMPACT.

  7. Content Creation – Our content creation studio is built to engage with your audience and start conversations. If people aren’t talking about you, they aren’t thinking about you.

  9. Studio Production – High quality studio production services is a given. Our goal is to create brilliant visual and audio content for your brand – that is worthy of a Grammy.
Digital Insights & Media
Better data, better decisions. In the battle for consumer attention – we level the playing field. Our proprietary tech stack and unique media partnerships connect big data and buying power directly to your campaign. It’s how we translate data into strategy to plan, execute and measure your unique campaign.


  1. Media Strategy & Planning – We design actionable media strategies using actual data. Don’t worry, if you don’t have the data, we’ll find it.

  3. Programmatic – We’re huge believers in audience-targeting, vs. channel targeting. Reach more of the RIGHT people, wherever they are.

  5. Search – Search done right is like a steroid shot to the arm of your business with incredible results.

  7. Organic SEO –  The search algo’s are forever changing… and that means we are too. Our Organic SEO services are constantly working to improve your long-term ranking and visibility.
Social & PR
Shape your narrative and deploy the stories that need to be told. Our hyper-focused story telling team at Sanford Social – and additional strategists throughout the Become Known ranks knows how to harness relevance to inspire audience to connect, take action or initiate a relationship. We develop fresh angles to reach top-level writers, editors and influencers through press conferences, press trips, media events, press releases. We’ll shape your story and deliver it through a mapped-out public relations strategy to achieve the your results – and not someone else’s narrative.


  1. Social strategy – We build deep connections with your audience through incredible content, powerful influencers and an extensive strategy custom-built for each social platform. One size does NOT fit all in this business.

  3. Community management – Our real-time Community Management team will streamline your social communications and make every customer comment/inquiry count.

  5. Social content development – We’re all about creating super-charged and engaging social content designed to connect and drive your viewers to action. We even have a 10,000 square foot production studio at our headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio!

  7. PR – As master storytellers/publicity specialists, we focus on creating a thriving brand persona that controls the narrative and elevates your organization.
Experiential & Immersive
Whatever they’re buying, consumers are increasingly influenced by each other rather than the messages that brands feed them. That’s why we even went as far as to build our own venue. Today, people want to experience how a place, product or a brand feels, taste, smells and appears. Whether it’s a pop-up village, an experiential food truck or interactive technology, we excel at coming up with inspired promotions, thoughtfully executed media platforms, adventure roadshows and other niche events that connect our clients with the right audience in ideal settings that deliver big reach to other consumers.


    1. Offsite activations – Our Offsite team is a group of brilliant event masterminds that design campaigns, events and brand activations that drives engagement and build customer loyalty.
    2. Immersive experience – We help deliver your customers a transformative and unforgettable experience that is unique to your brand, offerings and services.

    4. Multi-destination – Looking to create custom made experiential campaigns across several locations? Let us help you handle the logistics, coordination and entire planning & execution process.
    5. Experiential Event Experts – Having started, grown, and sold Red Space in downtown Cleveland, we’ve conceived, designed, and hosted literally thousands of one-of-a-kind events and immersive experiences. Need an unforgettable event for your partners, customers, or audience? We’ll work with you to design the perfect experience.
Omnichannel Deployment
Our channel-centric approach allows us to work across all marketing disciplines within one integrated team. We target and convert consumers by implementing results-driven plans during every part of the purchase path.


  1. CRM – We’ll optimize your customer retention techniques and promote sales through excellent relationship management and feedback implementation.

  3. Marketing Technology – (see MarTech under our Areas of Unique Expertise)

  5. Website & Mobile App Development – Let our team build you the nimble, responsive and user-friendly App/website your business needs, fully integrated to your media campaigns and advertising channels.

  7. Media – We’ll help you implement the right media strategies/channels as a potent catalyst for your growth, leveraging access to every publishing platform imaginable.

  9. Automated Marketing – Automate your lead generation, customer acquisition process, and conversion all under one roof.

  11. Social Media – Target & engage with the right customers in a humanizing way – across the optimal social channels for your business model.

  13. PR & Activation – We’ll help you spread the word and establish your brand as a major industry player that can deliver the goods.

Areas of Unique Expertise

Amazon Marketing
With the Amazon algorithm ever-changing, and your competitors continuously innovating their Amazon tactics – having a partner to keep you one step ahead on Amazon is critical. We have a passion & expertise for optimizing the entire Amazon ecosystem – where success requires an end-to-end approach.


  1. Strategy Consulting – We’ll help you design & implement the most cutting-edge sales strategies on Amazon and emerging marketplaces.

  3. Amazon Copy Optimization – We’ll create and tweak your copy/sales content and description in order to ensure maximum conversion.

  5. Tech Optimization – Creating the most efficient process to selling on Amazon isn’t easy – unless you focus on optimizing your tech. Count us to help make that happen by integrating your product listing with Amazon’s unique platform.

  7. Enhanced Content – Outsell your competitors and dominate Amazon’s search results with content that stands out from the noise.

  9. Amazon Advertising – We can help you setup and structure the effective ads on Amazon using quality keywords that drives up your seller’s rank.

  11. Demand-Side Platform Management –  We’ll manage your ad inventories with efficiency, ensuring everything is properly structured in one interface.
We seamlessly blend marketing and technology to plan, execute and measure results in a highly efficient, transparent and effective way. While we have a particular fondness for Marketo, we remain platform agnostic, always making room for the right tech stack for the given client.


  1. Lead Management – We help you maximize conversion rates with battle-tested tech that manages the tail-end of your funnel.

  3. Email Marketing – Work with us to build high converting email marketing campaigns with exceptional open rates and impressive sales conversion stats.

  5. Consumer Marketing – We can drive your consumers to action directly with targeted marketing strategies built to invoke the desired, direct response.

  7. Customer Base Marketing – We’ll help focus your marketing efforts towards the best customer you can get: The one you already have!

  9. Mobile Marketing – Reach targeted audiences through their smartphones… which unfortunately, is where most people live today!

  11. Revenue Attribution – Optimize your ad spend by tracking exactly what campaigns are the most effective – and shutting down the rest.