The Become Known Venture Studio


Your potential first, then our potential – together.

The types of ideas we’re seeking.

Ideally, you’ve made it through the engineering phase, even assessed market fit and gained some feedback. You just need help getting to the next level.

The deep dive into your product or brand.

We’ll leverage Become Known’s market research capabilities, vast experience commercializing products and brands – and fully understand the potential of your business.

Is the whole (you and us) greater than the sum of its parts?

Meaning, does a partnership between you and BK translate into value creation that exponentially exceeds what you could do on your own? Because – if we can’t make the pie WAY bigger – than none of us will be full at the end!


That might just mean investing our time, but it could mean money.

Young companies & brands need A LOT.

They’re like infants, except they don’t sleep. Instead, they just poop, pee and feed around the clock! But we do it to help them grow up and pay for our retirement some day! However, we know from experience that getting involved with startups and emerging ideas who might not have the capital to properly fund our time is a risk on our resources that we must assess.

If it’s a fit, there are several ways we can partner.

This is by no means a complete list of how you and BK could partner, or joint venture – but it’s a general overview of the types of engagements we’re happy to consider.

  1. Reduced Fees in exchange for equity, or revenue share – We agree to a model up front that allows us to save you cash now, in exchange for us winning when you win.
  2. Fee Elimination in exchange for equity, or revenue share – same as above, we just save you even more cash now.
  3. Capital/Equity investment – We invest in you like a traditional angel or VC, but way smarter money. You’ll never have an agency with more skin in the game.
  4. Full or partial acquisition – Perhaps you’re ready to completely move on, or you’d rather take some risk off the table. If we really believe we can 10X your idea, we’ll even consider acquisition.


We’re especially keen on ideas that we can produce in our own factories.

Yep, we actually make stuff!

Actually, our sister company, Dreison International does all the making. Lead by John Berger, one of Become Known’s founding partners – Dreison is a diversified manufacturer of metal fabricated and plastic injection molded products and parts.

A complete supply chain for your product-based business.

The end result of a product-based company becoming known is… products. Lots and lots of products. The advantage of partnering with BK Labs (when Dreison’s manufacturing capabilities are a fit) is the ability to cut out an entire layer of profit that someone else is taking other than you and your shareholders. Don’t worry, if your product isn’t a fit for our factories, it doesn’t mean we won’t still consider a partnership.

Six Plants – globally.

With a global manufacturing footprint spanning the USA, China, Switzerland, Turkey and Mexico – and over 500 employees – we can optimize your costs of goods in the most efficient ways possible. While we prefer products/ideas that have already made it through the engineering phase of development, our in-house product engineering teams can assist with the manufacturing optimization process.


Last, but not least – this is where we finally make you become known. Leveraging our entire arsenal of marketing and media capabilities – we’ll help you commercialize your product/brand to its fullest potential. This is where we all win, royally!