We believe the work you DO, is based on how you DO IT.

At Become Known, we believe successful outcomes are delivered on the following theory: Consistent Actions = Consistent Outcomes.

To this end, we’ve created a growing list of CONSISTENT ACTIONS we expect from our team. In fact, they might be better described as habits… because habits are something you do over and over again without thinking about them.

They may seem ridiculous… or petty… or even “disgustingly micro-managerial” (as it was once put). But, we know they’re massive differentiators that allow us to operate as a well-oiled machine in a fragmented world of constantly moving parts. In fact, to the veterans at Become Known, there’s nothing better than seeing a newer DreamTeamer correct another DreamTeamer on selfless rhetoric: “You mean Jane AND ME… not me and Jane!”

Spelling and grammar are not a dying art

Their is no excuse for Become Known employees to get there spelling wrong.

To-Do Lists

You are only as smart as your to-do list. To-do lists let you clear space in your mind by putting things down on paper and having the comfort they won’t be forgotten. Like Ron Popiel said, “Set it and forget it.” Every DreamTeamer must keep a to-do list – and check it often!

We walk the talk

We market ourselves using things we sell, we actually live up to all this culture rhetoric. We don’t carry business cards our customers couldn’t buy from us. We don’t market our business with ad tactics our customers can’t also use.

Be Easily Understood

Put yourself in your recipient’s shoes. Will this make sense to them? How will they interpret it? Are you being clear, or confusing? Thorough, or shoddy?

Create Addiction

We don’t support smoking, but d*mn, what a great business model. The things we create stick! Build things that keep people coming back.

Say Thanks

Write thank you cards like an illegal voter – early and often!

Organize Your Files

Date all your files: “FileName_MM-DD-YY”

Subject Lines

Always create useful subject lines for EVERY email (so people can properly search)

Live by Your Calendar

Send iCal calendar invites for meetings, even inter-office meetings.

The Art of Confirmation

Confirm meetings 1 day in advance via email. Confirm, but don’t ask to confirm. Otherwise you give them an excuse to cancel.

Numeric Lists

Use numeric lists to sum things up in your email and writing. Don’t use bullets, otherwise your recipient can’t easily refer back to a specific number.

Warn People in Advance

WARN if you are not going to make a deadline – don’t just let it pass. If the recipient knows in advance – they can execute plan B.

Every Task Has an Owner and Deadline

Projects are managed by tasks. What’s the point of a task if you don’t know who’s going to do it, or when it’s supposed to get done? If you have a task to be done… that means you have a person – and a date – to assign.


Need to better explain something visually? Use Snaggit to convey your message!

Use Selfless Rhetoric

We put others before ourselves… including saying their name first, like Mom taught us. None of this “Me and____” rather “____ and me.”

Close the Loop

Close the loop means even if someone gives you a task and doesn’t ask for a response, you still confirm by saying, “I got it.” And when you complete the task, you report the results. This goes for interactions with your co-workers, our vendors – and most certainly, our customers. Don’t leave people hanging… close the loop and put the issue to bed!


Under Promise & Over Deliver

Our customers expect basic customer service from the “other guys,” but what sets Become Known apart from the competition is our team’s willingness to constantly step up and go above and beyond our customers’ expectations. We aren’t “just” making ads; we’re impacting people and companies all around with the work that we send out. Set the expectation [still, high], then blow it out of the water.

Take Ownership

Whether or not you created the problem, if you come across it – own it and fix it. We don’t play the blame game – we deliver results.


Patience, Tolerance and Love. Next time you face a challenging situation with someone – practice it with that person. You’ll become a better person for it.