Love what you do – and you’ll never work a day in your life.

Love what you do – and you won’t struggle to get up and go to ‘a job’ in the morning. You won’t watch the clock in anticipation of quitting time. You’ll keep going, into the night if you have to… into the weekend. You won’t mind because it’s not work when you love what you do. With few exceptions, most people will spend the majority of their waking hours at ‘work.’ So we choose to maintain a different perspective on ‘work.’ In fact, we blur the lines between work and life. To us, work is life-and-life is work. This is our life’s work.

We don’t have jobs at Become Known.

We have purpose. We have meaning. We’re using Become Known as a conduit to become better people. To have a greater impact on those around us, our families, our friends, our community – and our world. We’re building something great. Together – as one team. In fact, we’re more than a team. We’re a DreamTeam.


Welcome to Become Known.


Lots of companies have “core values.” It’s kinda the thing to chat about these days. They make nice posters and put them up on the walls. They walk by them. They might read them. They might not. Ok, they probably don’t. They say nice things though. Like “Customer First” – and “Quality.” Then they shut off their emails at 5p and let interns do critical client work.

We believe in behaviors vs. values. You can SEE people living (or not living) up to the culture if you measure by behaviors. VERY SPECIFIC behaviors. Not some stock values on a wall. Culture is the common set of behaviors those within an organization exhibit each and every day. It’s how they interact with others, it’s what they do when others aren’t looking, and it’s how they think about life and how they act on those thoughts.

Become Known is a group of people that have come together who all possess similar philosophies on life – and we carry out those out in our daily work… and you can see it in our actions, which are defined by our 10 Core Behaviors. That’s because we hire based on CULTURE FIT, not technical fit. We can train the tech. You can’t train these behaviors.

Our Core Behaviors

Smiling is a rule



Therefore, if you want to work at Become Known, you must choose to be happy. This doesn’t mean we’re insensitive to the serious life situations that everyone experiences from time to time. In those situations, the DreamTeamer shouldn’t even be at work – they should be taking care of their family, or circumstance. After all, that’s most important. When we’re at Become Known, it’s our responsibility to create a consistently positive environment our fellow DreamTeamers, customers and partners can count on EVERYDAY. It’s fundamental to the “BK experience.” We don’t complain. We don’t badmouth. We don’t have “rough mornings.” We realize that one bad apple can TRULY ruin the whole bunch, which is a pretty frightening concept if you think about it. That’s why happiness is such an important Core Behavior to protect – and we’re all responsible for protecting it. Some days you just won’t be “feeling it.” Those are the days when you need to fake it. Fake til you make it, as they say. It’s pretty tough to stay mad or sad if you just force out a smile… Try it! Those are also the days when you’re going to need positivity from your co-workers the most. Other days, they might need that from you – which is why being negative is so selfish. So loosen up and have FUN! In our effort to blur the lines between work and life, injecting fun into all we do is vital. Despite what society might say, work can be fun. We just have to make that choice. Smiling, positivity, cheer, inspiration, motivation, humor and kindness is required 100% of the time at Become Known. Not just for us, but our customers, too. We are a consistently shining light in a sometimes dark and negative world – and that builds insanely loyal customers. That is what makes Become Known different. Attitude is contagious, so make sure yours is worth catching!

Be freakishly obsessive

There is SO MUCH to freakishly obsess over – but we need to make 5 areas of obsession SUPER DUPER clear:

Be freakishly obsessive over our customers.

It’s no secret, we have competitors. They want to eat our lunch. Our lunch is dang good. We don’t blame ‘em. “If we don’t take care of our customers, somebody else will. So we put our customers at the CENTER of EVERYTHING we do. If it does not serve the customer, we don’t do it. Period. When there is an issue (yes, it will happen!) – we put all hands on deck to fix the situation. In fact, when things go wrong – and our customers pickup that phone, write that email, or stop into one of our offices – how we handle that interaction is CRITICAL to our culture, mission and success. We take customer service to the next level by obsessively delivering outcomes to our customers. By obsessively living up to promises. By making it beyond clear – they are #1. We go above and beyond expectations every time: We’re “day makers.” In fact, we aren’t afraid to refer our customers to a competitor if we can’t handle the project because our #1 goal is to solve the customer’s problem, not sell services or product. By solving problems, by helping when it’s least expected, by delivering at all costs – you create raving fans. Delivering an extraordinary level of service is what makes Become Known, Become Known – and will ultimately drive business. When someone has an unforgettable BK experience, it is very likely they tell their friends and/or post online – and it’s that word of mouth advertising that will propel Become Known to incredible heights. Next time you interact with a customer, don’t be average! Stand out, go the extra mile, MAKE THEIR DAY. It will come back to you and Become Known, ten-fold.


Be freakishly obsessive



Be freakishly obsessive over the details.

We aren’t the kind of people that walk past a piece of trash on the ground in the lobby. No one asked that trash to “become known.” We’re the kind of people that stop and pick it up. Even in a suit. We aren’t the kind of people that approve a design when it’s slightly off center. We ask for it to be centered. Even if it’s the 32nd revision. We aren’t the kind of people that type things like, “Your going to love there new business cards!” We care about every written email – personal or professional, letter, social media post, and text message. As Charles Swindoll said, “THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SOMETHING GOOD AND SOMETHING GREAT IS ATTENTION TO DETAIL.” It’s that extra level of care we take at Become Known that separates us from the pack. It’s a little here, and there, and everywhere that adds up to a world-class, obsessive customer experience, employee experience, operations, technology, creative and end-product. We achieve this by doing simple things like paying attention when people speak to us, reading emails thoroughly so we ‘get it’ the first time – and remaining aware of our actions and the things happening around us at all times. If we pay attention to the detail, the big picture will take care of itself.

Be freakishly obsessive



Be freakishly obsessive over creating unforgettable experiences.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “experience” as, “The process of doing and seeing things and of having things happen to you.” We are neurotic about creating a unique, emotional, lasting experience for all those who come in contact with Become Known and our clients – whether in person or digitally. The “experience” people have when they “touch” the work we do is marketing at its core. We even take this deadly serious in our own brand – which consumers touch from every angle imaginable these days. They’re touching our brand when they hit our websites, when they call our 800 number, when they visit our offices, when they walk down our music-filled halls, when they see or hear our ads, when they attend our events… the list is infinite. If Become Known is involved – we’re going to deliver an unforgettable experience. Whether it’s for our own brand – and OF COURSE for our clients’ brands. We love helping our customers understand that, “Branding success is: when you build a company THAT PEOPLE WANT TO DO BUSINESS WITH BEFORE THEY EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU DO.” – John Gadd. We’re doing that at Become Known by treating every experience our customers have – and every experience their customers have – as the most important experience they’ll ever have.

Be freakishly obsessive



Be freakishly obsessive over fanatically following through and following up.

Follow through and follow up can be our greatest asset, or our greatest enemy. Those DreamTeamers who practice it fanatically (which means every time, with everyone) will reap great rewards in the form of friends, respect and returning business. Those who don’t – will sink. All great things in life are built through collaboration and interdependency – not independency. This means we need to be able to depend on those around us. We need to count on each other. Customers and co-workers alike are counting on us to do exactly what we said we’d do… without asking twice! They’re counting on this every time, not sometimes. When it comes to follow through and follow up, rare moments of greatness are no replacement for consistency. That’s why we return every email and every phone call quickly. That’s why we say, “Got it!” when someone sends us an email, then get on the task. That’s why we close the loop on situations and report outcomes, even when people don’t ask for it. At Become Known, we don’t leave situations open-ended when it’s so easy to give them closure. Be that person everyone can count on with frightening regularity.

Be freakishly obsessive



Be freakishly obsessive over your focus and time.

Time is our absolute most precious asset. How you spend it makes all the difference in what you can accomplish in a day, a week, or a lifetime. Choose your projects wisely. Choose your hobbies wisely. Choose your commitments wisely. Choose where you invest energy wisely. Focus on the most valuable and meaningful tasks and see them through to the end. If something knocks you off course, that’s ok. It happens every day. Just get right back on course without wasting any time. We live in a world that is spewing information at us (most of it useless) from every angle. It’s coming in the form of status updates, ring tones, alerts, chats and ads. Turn this stuff off when it’s time to focus. The number one way to avoid distraction is to PREVENT it. PRACTICE DISCIPLINE. Don’t let social media rule your life. Jane’s 617th dog photo isn’t that important. The work you are doing to disrupt an industry and make a dent in the universe is what’s important. When it comes to filtering out what’s important and what isn’t – what you need to focus on may not necessarily be the most urgent task, or the one making the most noise. Ignore the noise and do what’s most important – and do it now!

Create without fear of failure


Take risks and dream big in all you do. As Brian Tracy said, “The future belongs to the risk takers, not the security seekers. The more you seek security, the less of it you will have – and the more you pursue opportunity, the more security you will achieve.” When you create without fear of failure, you don’t bind yourself to the status quo. You explore the unexplored. You think unconventionally. Innovation lies exactly where everyone else was unwilling to look – and Become Known is rewarded greatly for discovering it! This is how those ‘aha’ moments are created. We have no problem falling down, because we get right back up. Fall 7 times, get up 8. We think more highly of those who have failed and gotten back up, than those who never failed because they never risked anything. We need our DreamTeamers to be forwarding thinking, ever-creating, ever risking – or the competition will eventually catch up and poke a stick in our big ole’ BK eye.

Just do it


For most people, tomorrow is this magical land where 99% of all human productivity, achievement and motivation is stored. Those humans are not permitted to work at Become Known. We have world-class competitors out there trying to kill us every day – and try is all we’ll let them do. The importance of urgency and doing things NOW cannot be underrated. Need to make that tough phone call to a client? Do it now. Need to squash that pesky bug that will only take 2 minutes to fix, but never makes it to the top of your priority list? Do it now. Need to read that article about the latest industry trends sure to affect our clients’ businesses down the road? Do it now. Want to learn that new skill or talent that will make you infinitely more valuable? Do it now. Want to work your way up the ladder and take on greater leadership? Do it now. We have enormous goals at Become Known – and they’re going to require every ounce of determination and energy we can muster. The payoff comes daily if we do the work, today. Don’t wait to do tomorrow what you can do today – procrastination is the great enemy of all progress.

Learn & change like a 4 year old


Next time you’re around a child, try and see the world through their eyes for just a moment. What you’ll notice is a curious little mind seeking every opportunity to learn what they don’t already know. Everything is new! They’re gaining knowledge and skills, literally by the minute – all day long. From taking their first steps after dragging their knees on the carpet for 10 months – to finally counting to 10, when they could barely reach 3 the day before. This kind of learning shouldn’t stop just because you’re no longer in school. Without a big yellow bus picking us up each day and the fear of truancy, it takes self-discipline to continue educating ourselves “in real life.” Picasso beautifully stated, “I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.” IF YOU REST, YOU RUST. WE DON’T RUST AT BECOME KNOWN. Our DreamTeamers are given opportunities to learn and encouraged to seek their own learning experiences as well. The world is changing fast – and if you don’t stay on top of your game, someone will make a good case why they should have your job!

Learn & change like a 4 year old


  Beyond that, Become Known NEEDS you to stay curious! We won’t get better by chance. We will only get better by change. And we need to drive that change like a rental car – hard and fast. Become Known’s long-term success is going to rest on two things: 1) the ability to protect our culture, and 2) the ability to continuously innovate. Society doesn’t stop progressing and neither does our competition. We must never become self-satisfied, relaxed, smug or content. Every DreamTeamer must be on board and always looking for ways to make GOOD change happen (there is also bad change, which we do not want). Many “agents of change” will say the only way for change to work is for it to be embraced from the top down. While we agree with that rationale, we feel it is more imperative that change be driven from the bottom up. It is there that daily interactions with customers and problems are best understood. By making certain every DreamTeamer is empowered to be heard and ultimately make decisions, Become Known can remain nimble, fast acting, flexible and able to change on the fly. Those who attempt to protect the status quo are not Become Known material. Since we are always changing, they are generally weeded out pretty fast. As we learn and discover new opportunities, we cannot be afraid to adapt, even though it may mean entering very unfamiliar territory. Be slow to shootdown ideas – and be fast to lead with “yes.” Then, get to work on figuring out how to make it happen. We must explore, test and constantly push change to build something truly great. We owe that to our clients. We owe that to ourselves.

It takes teamwork to make the dream work


If great companies could be built solely on the efforts of just one man or woman – there would be a lot more, great companies out there. Fact is, Become Known was born out of the hard work, commitment and dedication of a group of people who saw a huge opportunity to help businesses, organizations and people BECOME KNOWN™. Each person at Become Known brings a different set of unique skills, abilities and ideas to the table. And, it’s only when each person applies these talents and perspectives to our greater purpose, can we truly progress as a company. All of us at Become Known realize absolutely anything can be done through teamwork. The most challenging obstacles are overcome when DreamTeamers can openly collaborate and execute towards a common goal – lifting each other up towards greater accomplishments. We place a ton of emphasis on leadership as well. As we grow, many more leaders will be created. These servant leaders will be expected to arm their teams with all the necessary tools to be successful in their jobs and even their personal lives. Ensuring someone has the support to take on any task can provide them with confidence they otherwise didn’t know existed. Each one of us must be a team player. Meaning, focus has to be placed on the success of the company, rather than individual accomplishments. It’s not your problem, it’s our problem – it’s not your success, it’s our success. When we talk about these things, we say “we” and not “I”. Keeping it that simple and reinforcing the reasons why we operate as a team every day, will make us the best group of people anyone could ever dream of working with.

It takes teamwork to make the dream work


  And when it comes to communicating with each other… COMMUNICATE FIERCELY! Communicating fiercely doesn’t mean you have to be aggressive or antagonistic. IT MEANS YOU NEED TO BE REAL. Cut out the BS. “Interrogate reality” as Susan Scott says, and communicate situations exactly as they are. It helps us get to the point faster, make decisions and keep moving forward. The relationships we build with our co-workers, our clients and the rest of the world is ultimately what builds this company, which means these relationships ARE the company. If we build these relationships by avoiding the “tough conversations” or the truth, then we’ve built the company on quicksand. Fierce communication also means being 100% present when you’re speaking with someone. Speak and listen as if this is the last conversation you’ll ever have with that person. It very well might be. Expect the same in return. Be excited to embrace reality and make the best of it in all your conversations – without agenda.

Treat challenges as opportunities to grow


At Become Known, we look at challenges as opportunities to grow. A blacksmith strengthens steel by heating it – and beating it. With every cycle of heating and beating, steel grows stronger. Opposite to most of society, we LOVE challenges. We look forward to them. This is because we know each challenge is going to make us stronger. Make us better competitors. Make us better people. Provide us more life experiences, and tools in our arsenal to draw upon. Nietzsche said, “THAT WHICH DOES NOT KILL US MAKES US STRONGER.” He was right. We have to realize the “problems” in our lives are not actually problems. They’re learning experiences that shape our future. When we embrace this – it fundamentally changes our attitude and outlook on life. Next time you face a challenge, take a deep breath, stand up straight and get excited. You’re about to grow!

Treat challenges as opportunities to grow


  And remember, the art of life is all about living in the gray. It’s rarely black or white, yet that’s what we’re always chasing. “If we could just get to this point” or “if this person would just come around – then I could do it!” These are classic statements to avoid dealing with the present, accepting your circumstances – and just taking care of business! We’re on a journey and the only destination we need to reach is a STATE OF BEING where we attack every challenge with equal vigor and determination – regardless of outside factors. That’s the BK way. It’s an understanding and acceptance that life will not go exactly as you plan today. Once you fully embrace and internalize that (which takes practice) – you’ll find comfort living in the gray. That state of being starts every morning when you get up. Don’t wait for it – create it.

Done is better than perfect


Unless we’re talking about financial statements or protecting confidential customer data, done is better than perfect. We’re operating in an insanely fast and evolving digital world. The cost of creating noise in the advertising business is lower than ever. The time required to evolve an existing business is just as fast. This means our competition could run by us, or our customers at any moment. The competition isn’t waiting, nor should we. That’s why it’s so critically important to launch projects quickly and early. Many times, before they’re fully baked. It lets us get feedback sooner and make changes more quickly – instead of waiting to get the inevitable feedback months down the road after we finished polishing the final bells & whistles. In software, this is called shipping early and frequently. It’s also much easier to make changes earlier in the process. Imagine you are building a house: You pour the foundation, put up the walls and roof, and completely finish the interior – then walk the homeowner through the house. After seeing the living room in person, the homeowner decides it’s too small for their growing family. The cost to make those changes with the house completely finished will be far more expensive than if the walls were still studs. At Become Known, it’s pre-approved OK to show customers our “stud walls” with the intention of soliciting feedback and knowing we’ll ultimately finish them! Get your projects in the market sooner, then iterate and improve. And for goodness sakes… stop making everything so dang complicated!

Done is better than perfect



SIMPLICITY IS THE ULTIMATE SOPHISTICATION. Leonardo da Vinci coined this phrase in the 1400’s and it’s been true ever since! It really doesn’t matter what profession you’re in, how old or young, rich or poor – human beings are hardwired to “take the easy route.” To this end, Become Known puts simplicity front and center in all we do. People love convenient things. In fact, they’re addicted to convenient things. Much of our customers’ love affair with the consumer products we’ve built (like Hotcards and Red Space) is built on this principle of simplicity. That’s because we’re relentless about minimizing clicks and creating intuitive workflows. The same goes for operations. Whether it’s creative production processes designed to do more with less, or giving our frontline DreamTeamers more trust and authority to take care of any customer need at the moment of concern, instead of climbing a useless chain of command – Simplicity is by design. Your work is important at Become Known… Make it simple, but significant.

Let your actions speak louder than your mouth


Talk is cheap because supply exceeds demand. Action is what creates value, loyalty and trust. The greatest way to build trust among customers both internally and externally is through humble, dedicated, determined, action. Action proves you’re committed to the mission. Action proves you meant what you said. Action proves you care. As Frank Ocean said, “WORK HARD IN SILENCE, LET SUCCESS BE YOUR NOISE.” Greatness isn’t reached by those who make promises and talk a good game. It isn’t reached with an excuse. It’s reached by those who know: They are what they do, not what they say.

Let your actions speak louder than your mouth


  Go out there today and build something great – don’t just talk about it. Just do it. Even when no one else is looking. Ever go for the toilet paper roll just to find it empty? Thank the person who sat there before you and didn’t understand why it’s so important to do good even when no one is looking. Life is too short to be lived only for you. Besides, that’s an incredibly lonely life to live. It doesn’t build the kinds of friendships, relationships, or customer loyalty we hold in such high regard at Become Known. Doing the next right thing is amazingly easy to do – yet it makes such a huge difference in the lives of those around us, as well as our own lives. We actually feel better by helping out a fellow DreamTeamer, customer, or stranger – even when they had no idea we were helping. You wonder why more people aren’t helping each other from a purely selfish standpoint! That’s why we lend a hand, an ear, or a shoulder when given the opportunity. We pay it forward because we know some day that person in need could be us. The path to true, sustainable happiness is found when we step outside ourselves – and at the end of the day, isn’t that what we’re all looking for?


At Become Known, we believe successful outcomes are delivered on the following theory:   Consistent Actions = Consistent Outcomes.

To this end, we’ve created a growing list of CONSISTENT ACTIONS we expect from our team. In fact, they might be better described as habits… because habits are something you do over and over again without thinking about them.

They may seem ridiculous… or petty… or even “disgustingly micro-managerial” (as it was once put). But, we know they’re massive differentiators that allow us to operate as a well-oiled machine in a fragmented world of constantly moving parts. In fact, to the veterans at Become Known, there’s nothing better than seeing a newer DreamTeamer correct another DreamTeamer on selfless rhetoric: “You mean Jane AND ME… not me and Jane!”

Spelling and grammar are not a dying art

Their is no excuse for Become Known employees to get there spelling wrong.

To-Do Lists

You are only as smart as your to-do list. To-do lists let you clear space in your mind by putting things down on paper and having the comfort they won’t be forgotten. Like Ron Popiel said, “Set it and forget it.” Every DreamTeamer must keep a to-do list – and check it often!

We walk the talk

We market ourselves using things we sell, we actually live up to all this culture rhetoric. We don’t carry business cards our customers couldn’t buy from us. We don’t market our business with ad tactics our customers can’t also use.

Be Easily Understood

Put yourself in your recipient’s shoes. Will this make sense to them? How will they interpret it? Are you being clear, or confusing? Thorough, or shoddy?

Create Addiction

We don’t support smoking, but d*mn, what a great business model. The things we create stick! Build things that keep people coming back.

Say Thanks

Write thank you cards like an illegal voter – early and often!

Organize Your Files

Date all your files: “FileName_MM-DD-YY”

Subject Lines

Always create useful subject lines for EVERY email (so people can properly search)

Live by Your Calendar

Send iCal calendar invites for meetings, even inter-office meetings.

The Art of Confirmation

Confirm meetings 1 day in advance via email. Confirm, but don’t ask to confirm. Otherwise you give them an excuse to cancel.

Numeric Lists

Use numeric lists to sum things up in your email and writing. Don’t use bullets, otherwise your recipient can’t easily refer back to a specific number.

Warn People in Advance

WARN if you are not going to make a deadline – don’t just let it pass. If the recipient knows in advance – they can execute plan B.

Every Task Has an Owner and Deadline

Projects are managed by tasks. What’s the point of a task if you don’t know who’s going to do it, or when it’s supposed to get done? If you have a task to be done… that means you have a person – and a date – to assign.


Need to better explain something visually? Use Snaggit to convey your message! www.techsmith.com

Use Selfless Rhetoric

We put others before ourselves… including saying their name first, like Mom taught us. None of this “Me and____” rather “____ and me.”

Close the Loop

Close the loop means even if someone gives you a task and doesn’t ask for a response, you still confirm by saying, “I got it.” And when you complete the task, you report the results. This goes for interactions with your co-workers, our vendors – and most certainly, our customers. Don’t leave people hanging… close the loop and put the issue to bed!


Under Promise & Over Deliver

Our customers expect basic customer service from the “other guys,” but what sets Become Known apart from the competition is our team’s willingness to constantly step up and go above and beyond our customers’ expectations. We aren’t “just” making ads; we’re impacting people and companies all around with the work that we send out. Set the expectation [still, high], then blow it out of the water.

Take Ownership

Whether or not you created the problem, if you come across it – own it and fix it. We don’t play the blame game – we deliver results.


Patience, Tolerance and Love. Next time you face a challenging situation with someone – practice it with that person. You’ll become a better person for it.

Leadership Team

Leadership is an action, not a title. But, someone has to sign the checks.

John Gadd

John Gadd

Founder & Creative Chairman

With over a decade of successful entrepreneurship and serving as a trusted advisor to business & civic leaders, John leads the agency operations and guides agency culture and vision. John has a legacy of being able to rapidly accelerate growth trajectories for clients by injecting big ideas with deeply unique creativity and executional excellence. With unwavering energy, he applies the full breadth of his experience to helping clients achieve the full scope of their desire to “become known.”

An entrepreneur since his first neighborhood landscaping company at 10 years old – John’s founded and co-founded numerous companies in the software, marketing & advertising industries, raised several million in venture capital – and served as strategic counsel to C-level executives at Internet, graphic arts and marketing companies ranging up to the Fortune 500. In addition to being Chairman & CEO of Become Known, he also serves as CEO at sister company, Hotcards, an online design & printing company.

Civically & philanthropically, John is a former board member of Big Brothers Big Sisters Northeast Ohio (now, Torchlight Youth Mentoring Alliance), E-CITY, Co-Chair of Cleveland Rocks New Years Eve 2014/15 – and is a current board member of ERC Health, The Chagrin Documentary Film Festival, as well as the Chagrin Education Foundation – and sits on the Marketing Committee of the United Way of Greater Cleveland. He was named to Crain’s Cleveland prestigious 40 under 40, Printing Impressions 20 under 40, Print+Promo Magazine’s 15 under 40, was Ohio Cancer Research’s 2018 Honoree of the Year, and holds a Guinness World Record for “The Most Number of People Doing Simultaneous Full Body Burns.” He frequently speaks on the topics of entrepreneurship, marketing and culture – and has also appeared on several major news networks including FOX, CNBC, CBS, Today Show, Good Morning America, as well as national radio shows; and has been interviewed by The Wall Street Journal/MarketWatch, The Plain Dealer, Crain’s Cleveland, The Discovery Channel, Print Professional, Print Solutions, and Graphic Arts Monthly for his expertise on those subjects.

Tamra Moroski

Tamra Moroski

Partner, Chief Client Officer

Tamra Moroski is a proven, energetic leader across account management, client services, sales & marketing, revenue building, team development, and operations. She’s passionate about wanting to make an impact in her clients’ business and has been known for her true “roll up her sleeves” work ethic. She believes in fully understanding her clients’ business goals and acting as a true partner and extension of their marketing team.

With over 10 years of experience, including tenure at agencies like Fathom Digital and Adcom Communications – Tamra’s skill set includes digital marketing, full service agency services and marketing technology deployment. Her past clients include The Cleveland Clinic, Abbott Labs, Welch Allyn, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – and YMCA of the USA. Prior to returning to Cleveland from Syracuse, she served as the Membership and Marketing Director at the YMCA of Greater Syracuse, where she was part of the senior leadership team, overseeing a $4 million membership budget.

Chris Miller

Chris Miller

Partner, Head of Digital Strategy

With over ten years of MarTech and AdTech experience, focusing primarily on digital engagement and performance marketing, Chris Miller brings a heavy arsenal to the table. He understands how the nuances of culture and the relativity of trends impact consumer behavior. A data-driven practitioner, he produces campaigns that intersect, and are congruent with traditional disciplines.

He’s held senior-level positions in both agency and corporate settings, working with startups, Fortune 500 and enterprise class brands including; General Motors, American Greetings, Ghurka, Big 3 Basketball League (founded by Ice Cube), Expectful, Nordson Corporation, Historical Basketball League (HBL), Regal Beloit, The Ohio State University, Lubrizol Corporation, Summa Health, Forest City Enterprises, Huntington National Bank, The Davey Tree Expert Company, NRP Group, Fairmount Properties, BraunAbility, CrossFit and Reebok. A natural storyteller, he is also a regular contributor for Hearst Magazines.


A graduate of The University of Akron, Chris holds a dual bachelor of arts in public relations and consumer marketing. He is a proud father of 12-year-old Ella and a rowdy labradoodle named Butters.
PJ Filipowicz

PJ Filipowicz

Partner, Creative Director

Passionate creative, branding, and design extraordinaire, PJ brings a decade and a half of digital and traditional advertising and artistic experience, mixed with passion and good old-fashioned hard work to Become Known.

He has served as Creative Director in both the agency and client sides of the advertising industry, founder of an Ohio-based creative and marketing firm, a Senior UI/UX Director and ground-floor member of a tech startup that was grown into a successful corporate exit, and multiple design-oriented positions.

PJ is a proud Clevelander— a Cleveland State University graduate with honors and dual degrees in Advertising and Sociology.

An avid fly-fisherman and bass tournament competitor, when you don’t find him working tirelessly on growing client’s brands, you’ll find him waist deep in a stream or on a boat or kayak.

Greg Schwartz

Greg Schwartz

Partner, VP of Sales - Hotcards

Greg started his career as an operations manager for a Kent, OH based transportation, where he helped grow the firm’s client base more than 100% year-over-year. The firm went on to become the premiere taxi company in Kent.  Of course, then a tiny company named Uber came along – and it was time to pivot! Naturally, he shifted into the print and promo industry where he could pursue entrepreneurship and relationship building at an even greater level.

Now the Vice President of Sales for Hotcards, Greg who partners with CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs to grow their brands, in a tangible, human-to-human way. After spending nearly five years as a small business owner, Greg knows what it truly takes to support a growing team — and it’s not just about hitting the bottom line. It’s how well you connect and communicate with your team that allows each individual to hold the capacity to obsess over providing the best service possible at all levels.

Greg has landed coverage in Print & Promo Magazine’s Under 40 List, as well as being featured in Promo Marketing’s podcast. Outside of his extensive sales and marketing experience, Greg is an avid sports fan and proud dog-dad.

Greg holds a BA in Sports Management and a Minor in Marketing from Kent State University.

Jordan Sanford

Jordan Sanford

Partner, CEO - Sanford Social

Social Media authority and bold leader, Jordan is responsible for developing and leading the strategy behind Sanford Social’s client engagements. Sanford Social, a Become Known company, is a leading, midwest-based social media marketing agency that develops and tells brand stories through organic social strategy. Jordan’s strategies, creative hacks, and obsessive desire to understand every little change in every little algorithm is central to the success behind the brands Sanford Social touches. 

Jordan has more than five years of professional experience in the social media marketing industry – and has grown a multitude of brands organically through focused, creative strategy. Always eager to create, Jordan and his team believes in the potential of quick, creative content. They never leave home without the tools needed to produce incredible content anytime, anywhere. This provides Sanford Social a unique ability to create content for clients at an affordable price, while still delivering high impact.

With a thirst to continuously learn, Jordan is a calculated risk-taker who is always making an effort to think differently. This confidence grants the opportunity to set trends rather than follow them – and execute one-of-a-kind, branded digital marketing strategies that convert and build brands. 

Mike Saig

Mike Saig

General Manager - Red Space

Mike has spent his career as a creative problem solver, experience planner, brand relationship manager, logistics expert and skilled marketer. He spent six years at a successful, Austin-based startup in the pet industry, joining the team of three founders as the first employee. In true startup culture, Mike served as a Swiss Army knife for the team – managing customer service, creative production, and affiliate programs, all the while working as Director of Sales. He supported the team through early growth stages, several rounds of funding and a successful appearance on Shark Tank, where they earned a deal from two Sharks. As Director of Sales, he worked with brands of all sizes to reach their target audience with creative custom pet products and distinctive marketing programs. Mike partnered with companies like small breweries and boutique hotels, to major national brands like Tito’s Vodka and Netflix. As an “Experience Fiend,” Mike also spearheaded one of the most successful events at Austin’s SXSW, the annual Puppy Party, which is now in its sixth year and draws more than 3,000 people. He helped manage the company’s presence at major national trade shows, often with attendees exceeding 10,000.

Mike has a talent for streamlining processes and fully leveraging CRM solutions, while still maintaining strong personal relationships and making connections with those he works with. In his role as GM of Red Space, Mike connects with brands, non-profit organizations and individuals to help them achieve their goals – whether it’s a business event, a fundraiser, or a wedding. He helps groups envision creative ways to bring Red Space to life, while staying under budget and keeping logistics simple.

Mike is a Cleveland native and graduate of Ohio University – and completed the advertising program at The Book Shop in Los Angeles. While living in LA, Mike even appeared on the Conan O’Brien Show as their Super Bowl correspondent!

Strategic Advisors

John Berger

John Berger

Chairman & CEO, Dreison International; Partner, Become Known

Todd Goldstein

Todd Goldstein

Co-Founder & CEO, LaunchHouse; Partner, Become Known

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