Become Known is a diversified media group designed to build brands and grow companies for today’s marketplace.


Operating as a brand partner, we obsessively focus on conquering our clients’ business targets, launching their products – and bringing captivating content, partnerships and experiences to life.

Our lives are fueled by   OUR PASSION.

OUR WORK   is fueled by our lives.

This is   OUR LIFE’S WORK.

Major League Baseball


Big3 League





*We don’t even know what the hell agencies are talking about anymore when they say, “full service.” Does their creative brief come with a massage? Do their campaigns include valet car service? Become Known qualifies full service in one way: Does our activity trigger the human instinct to buy whatever it is you’re selling – tangible or intangible? If not, we don’t touch it.

Consumers are getting pounded, slammed, borderline harassed with messaging from every angle. Become Known engineers revenue growth through a digital-dominant, but not digital-only strategy that simply out-wits the noise. Find out how Become Known’s vertically integrated capabilities deliver the greatest ROI on your marketing dollars. 

The 6 Big Buckets

Intel & Strategy

We invest in proprietary research, cross-channel data collection and analytics tools that lead to informed strategy.


Social & PR

We’ll shape your story and deliver it through a mapped-out public relations strategy to achieve the ultimate results.

Brand Development

We build brands by understanding what your audience needs and converging it with what’s special about you. 

Immersive Activations

Today, people want to experience places, products, or brands. We connect our clients with the right audience in ideal settings.

Digital Insights & Media

Our proprietary tech stack and unique media partnerships connect big data and buying power directly to your campaign.


Omnichannel Deployment

We target and convert consumers by implementing results-driven plans during every part of the purchase path.

Areas of Unique Expertise

Amazon Marketing

The wealth and reach Amazon is creating for products is unprecedented. Through our BK Labs produce commercialization initiatives, we’ve developed deep expertise in growing revenue for brands.


We nurture your funnel, build transparency in your marketing operations – and clearly connect marketing investments to revenue through deployment of MarTech stacks like Marketo, Sitecore, and others. 


“I yam what I yam.”
– Popeye

Our culture is based on 10 Core Behaviors that define our team. These behaviors are who we are. They’re not learned. They’re not faked. It’s our DNA. In fact, our #1 hiring rule is: Not a culture fit. Not a fit.


We take an obsessive and consistent approach to client services, outcomes, process, and creative. One does not happen without the other— and we’re freakishly committed to this modus operandi.




We’re so deadly serious about creating experiences that move your audience to buy – that we built our own event venue in downtown Cleveland to dive head-first into becoming subject matter experts. Nearly a decade later, grown and sold, we boast a portfolio of thousands of hosted events that refined our craft of creating immersive, experiential activations.


The Become Known Venture Studio

We partner with, invest in, or out-right acquire entrepreneurial ideas, products and brands with budding traction to bring them to life, to market – and to scale. Find out how our soup-to-nuts engineering, investment, sales, marketing and manufacturing capabilities can bring your idea to life.

Not paid actors… but they sure sound like it!

I dip my hands in a number of industries and lean heavily on the team at Become Known to quickly dive into my projects and figure out messaging, communications and brand strategy. They never fail.

June Taylor

CEO, Integral Management, and Commissioner, Ohio Casino Commission

We sell a luxury, a luxury a lot of people want but don’t know they can afford. Become Known helped us position our product in an affordable manner without sacrificing our luxury brand. That sent our return on ad spend through the roof

Christa Weaving

VP of Marketing, Cuvée

XaTek is developing highly technical point of care diagnostics for X & Xa inhibitors and needed an agency to handle our PR in a way that satisfied the medical community – as well as the layman. Become Known nailed it.

John Zak

President & CEO, XaTek, Inc.